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15 Awesome Disney Songs That You Will Never Stop Loving

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We all watched Disney movies growing up, but what was your favorite part of them? Was it the bright colors? The jokes? The scary-ass villains (probably not)? Well, if you're anything like me, what you remember best is the songs, and in particular, these 15 were the best the House of Mouse had to offer.

(Note: the picks are limited to one song per movie, otherwise it just would've been the soundtracks to Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin).

Beauty and the Beast - "Gaston"

Everyone's favorite musclebound douchebag gets his own theme song about how "great" he is, and it's infectiously catchy.

Pocahontas - "Colors of the Wind"

The movie definitely has a lot of problems, but the music in it wasn't one of them.

Mulan - "I'll Make A Man Out of You"

Real talk: this song is a must-have for everybody's gym playlist, regardless of your gender.

The Little Mermaid - "Under The Sea"

Picking just one song from this classic is tough, but for my money, Sebastian's ode to the ocean is as good as it gets.

The Jungle Book - "Bare Necessities"

Because sometimes you just gotta keep things simple, y'know?

A Goofy Movie - "Stand Out"

If you haven't belted this song out way too loud at some point, you didn't grow up in the 90s (and are possibly dead inside).

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - "Hellfire"

Easily the most mature, sinister song that Disney's ever come up with, what other kid's movie has a corrupt judge singing about condemning a gypsy to Hell?

There's even more great songs coming up!

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