11 Disney Movies That Could Have Been A Lot Darker Than They Were

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You may have thought they all lived happily ever after, but a lot of Disney stories have much darker origins than you knew about. Whether it's The Little Mermaid or Peter Pan, Disney movies are based on some pretty messed up stories.

Some of these fairy tales are definitely not suitable for children, so it's probably for the best that they revamped it. Brace yourself as you check out the terrifying alternate endings below.


Alice in Wonderland


Everyone thinks that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written as a bunch of drug references, but apparently Lewis Carroll actually wrote it as a "trip to hell". Apparently all of the mathematical references are crucial to the plot, because Carroll believed that mathematicians who believed in abstract numbers were going to hell. That's a bit more dramatic than everyone thinking it's a drug reference.



Frozen is based on the story of the Snow Queen, but it doesn't really resemble it at all. Pretty much the only thing they kept was the snow powers, otherwise the plot was completely different. In the original, The Snow Queen is evil and there is a troll who is known as the devil and together they fight a little girl and boy. Not as cute as the story of two sisters.



This makes me feel a bit gross, in the original story of Cinderella, there was a lot more blood. When the evil step sisters knew the prince was coming around to try the shoe on everyone, one of them cut off their big toe and the other cut off her heel. That is a lot of commitment to a lie. Did they think he wouldn't notice? There would be a ridiculously large amount of blood, or at the very least a very recent looking wound. Bad choice all around.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Because his life wasn't sad enough, while the original story still had Esmeralda, her fate was a little bit different. She is hung, so and the hunchback pulls her dead body into the belltower, and holds her until he starves. Their remains were found after 8 months. That is not a happy ending.



So Hercules is based on the Greek story but is a lot different than the Disney version. Zeus is still his father, but his mother was a different woman on Earth. Zeus' wife gets jealous and tries to kill Hercules in a few different ways. Disney even pays tribute to one of the ways he almost died when they used the snakes to attack him. Hera eventually gives up on killing him and instead kills his wife and kids. That's some spiteful behavior.

To find out the original ending for Mulan and why Peter Pan is probably the villain, check out the next page!

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