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"Die Hard" Creators Finally Explain The Film's Biggest Plot Hole

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After Die Hard was released in theaters in 1988, it became one of the biggest action movies of all time. And that still holds true today. Whether you watch it every Christmas or when you have a hankering to see Bruce Willis kick some ass, there's no doubt that Die Hard never gets boring.

At the time, Bruce Willis was known for the TV series Moonlighting, but this film skyrocketed him into stardom.

Die Hard became so popular that it was followed by four sequels, and there may be one more in the works.

As great as the original Die Hard movie was, there is one moment that has perplexed many viewers for years.

It has to do with an actor that many didn't know at the time, Alan Rickman. Rickman played the main bad guy, Hans Gruber and he was amazing.

McClane VS Gruber

Gruber is a German terrorist who takes over the Nakatomi building that McClane's wife works in. The office is having a Christmas party that night so there are hostages involved in the terror plot.

McClane runs into Gruber early in the movie, but the villain passes himself off as one of the hostages, calling himself "Bill Clay," speaking with a flawless American accent. Alan Rickman was so good that anyone would have believed him, that's for sure.


While McClane does buy Gruber's act at first, it doesn't take him long to get wise to the con. They have some light banter, and McClane gives Clay a cigarette. Then he gives Clay a gun.

That's when Gruber reveals his true identity and tries to shoot McClane.

When he fires, the gun isn't loaded.

But how did McClane KNOW that he would try and shoot him?

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