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David Hasslehoff Reveals He Is In Talks For A 'Knight Rider' Reboot

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David Hasslehoff is one of those names that just screams 80s. He was essentially everywhere back then, thanks in large part to his amazing show Knight Rider.


Well, after all these years without Kitt we may be in luck! Hasslehoff says that he is trying to get it to come back!

David Hasslehoff recently appeared in the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. He got to sing and dance with the cast in a really ridiculous disco-style parody that is pretty hilarious to watch.

But by working with the Guardians of the Galaxy team, he was introduced to the director of the movie, James Gunn. Turns out James Gunn is a HUGE Hasslehoff fan, and he has some plans for the 80s icon.


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