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10 Classic Arcade Games That You Spent Way Too Many Quarters On

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The arcade scene in the '80s, '90s, and early '00s was nothing less than epic. The sounds of electronic games and flashing lights of all colors made us feel like we were aboard an intergalactic space ship.  Also, it was always nice to compete against others and strive to become the ultimate champion in your local arcade scene. That was prestige like no other.

Here are 10 classic arcade games that you loved, but spent way too much hard-earned cash on.

10. Pinball

One of the oldest arcade games is definitely one of the most popular. This game was patented in the mid 19th century; however, the most important piece of the game, the flippers, were not introduced until the late 1940s. Then it became all colorful and lighted up in the '70s. That's the pinball game we all love.

9. Tetris

The only reason we spent so much money on this was because it took so long to complete (if you were every lucky to get to that point). It was originally designed in Russia in the '80s and soon popularized around the world.

8. Centipede

This game was introduced in the '80s thanks to Atari Inc, an American video game developer. Players fight off insects that would curl your blood if you saw them in real life.

7. Pong

This game may remind you of a boring two-dimensional match of table tennis, but it gobbled up your quarters back in the day. It was introduced in the '70s and many people got addicted to it.

6. Asteroids

Atari released another great game in the late '70s called Asteriods. A shooting game in a space environment will never fail to be exciting.

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