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10 Toys From Your Childhood You Haven't Thought About In Years

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The most important thing to you when you were a kid was your toy collection. There was nothing in the world that mattered more than keeping up with the latest and greatest trends, and finding the next 'cool' thing.

Whether it was a a super cool action figure or the newest technological craze that was sweeping the nation, we all had a toy that we loved so much. Even though we loved them at the time, chances are we haven't thought about them since we were young. Here are some of the best toys you completely forgot about.

1. Go Go Power Rangers!


Their heads look way to small for their body, but I guess when you have to save the world you need those muscles to be super buff.

2. For those who didn't want to play the sport for real


Listen, football is dangerous. Why not just stay inside and play a much less physical version?

3. This is how you learn to be responsible


Who else remembers asking their parents for a dog and instead being told no because you couldn't even keep your Tamagotchi alive for a week... Just me?

4. Pikachu, I choose you!


The Pokemon craze was legitimately so intense that it was almost frightening. We all started with some cards, and then before we knew it we had video games, movies, action figures and these little Poke-Balls that would hold our little buddies in.

5. It didn't matter which one you had, it was amazing

Personally, I had one that was 101 Dalmations, but no matter which Tiger game you had you were completely obsessed. It was easy to learn, hard to master and believe me, we tried.

Those aren't the only toys we forgot about...

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