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Rarely Seen Photos Of Celebs In Their Teens And Twenties Will Give You Intense Flashbacks

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Everyone has to start somewhere, and for a lot of our favorite actors, it means getting their face out there by modelling. Sure, it may not be the meaty roles they wanted, but it's a paycheck and a good way to get your name out there.

Many of your favorite stars have obviously changed a lot since they were in their teens and early twenties, but the glamour shots they took back in the day will make you feel like it has been a hundred years.

They all look so different from when they first started, but it's time to dig back into the vault and see what it was like in the "good 'ol days" we all remember so fondly.

1. Young Brad Pitt tried to rock a hat, but who's to say whether he pulled it off...

2. Before she played a mannequin who came to life, Kim Catrall modeled and looked better than any mannequin ever possibly could

3. Heather Locklear was the girl next door that millions fell in love with, and honestly who could blame them?

4. Resse Witherspoon may seem like the sweet and innocent girl in a lot of her movies, but her modelling photos really show another side to her

5. Brace yourself for this one, because young Christopher Walken is a sight that you will never be prepared for. Honestly, he looks a bit like Ron Weasley...

6. Alyssa Milano started acting when she was really young, but that doesn't mean she didn't have some photoshoots as a teen. The young star was the crush of basically every boy growing up in the 80s, and they were always happy when she took new photos

7. Jennifer Aniston didn't always have that famous haircut

8. Demi Moore tries her best to stay cozy in the 80s staple we all know and love: Leg warmers!

9. Richard Gere looks so weird without his signature white hair...

10. The dress Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing is screaming "90s" so loud it hurts my ears

There's a whole lot more where that came from...

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