Disney Sidekicks Don't Get Enough Love, But Which One Is The Absolute Best?

Disney movies are an essential part of childhood. Everyone has their favorites, whether it's because they love the hero, the villain, or the songs. But you know what is really the most important thing in the who thing? THE SIDEKICKS! Most of these Disney movies would be nothing without their little friends. The whole movie would fall apart without them and they absolutely don't get enough love. Sure, you have every second kid dressing up as Ariel for Halloween, but where are the Flounders, Scuttles and Sebastians? GiphyThere are a lot of sidekicks out there, but some that stand above


Robin Williams' Will Prevented An Aladdin Sequel, But There's Still More Genie To See

The tragic passing of Robin Williams was a loss a lot of people are still mourning. He really was a comedic genius and deserves to be remembered as such. A lot of people are upset because they are making a sequel to one of Williams' most famous movies, Jumanji, and obviously he won't be involved. Viral ThreadWhile the cast said that there was a definite tribute to Williams in the movie, it just won't be the same without his presence. With Hollywood's obsession with reboots, a lot of people are worried about his other franchises, but there is one specific

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10 Songs You Loved As A Kid But Your Parents Absolutely Hated

When you were a kid, no doubt that you were watching and rewatching the same shows and movies over and over. Kids love knowing what to expect I guess, because we are all guilty of it. Whatever the reason is that kids watch the same thing a thousand times is, it probably got REALLY annoying for our parents. They would set us up with a Disney classic or tune in to PBS and then cringe as they heard those same songs on repeat for hours and hours. YouTubeHow did they survive? I guess they just did their best to ignore


15 Spice Girls Facts You Didn't Know That Will Spice Up Your Life

Arguably the biggest and most empowering girl group of the 90s was the Spice Girls. Between their unique personalities that gave everyone something to relate to, or their strong messages of "Girl Power", we all grew up wanting to be just like them. ExpressThe Spice Girls are pretty fantastic, that's obvious, but there is a lot of things we don't actually know about them. We were all so young when they came out and it wasn't like the internet was a thing so we couldn't get all the details we can now! Check out these 15 facts that will make


Which 90s Pop Band Do You Belong In?

Pop bands were pretty much the most important thing of the 90s. Whether they were your favorite band that you followed religiously, the object of your first crush, or your biggest role models, they were definitely important. Majorten.comThere were so many pop bands in the 90s it was sometimes hard to keep track of them all, but there were absolutely some stand outs. Spice Girls were one of the biggest groups, Backstreet Boys are still performing, and Destiny's Child was how we all met Beyoncé! BETThere are a lot to choose from, and you might be wondering "which one


A "Saved By The Bell Musical" Is In The Works And They Want The "Next Bieber" To Star

The original producer of everyone's favorite 90s teen show Saved By The Bell is back with some news about something that is pretty amazing: A Saved By The Bell Musical. That's right, now you will get to watch Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater and Lisa Turtle sing and dance their teen dramas away. Hopefully Zack still gets to break the forth wall because that would make for some very amazing musical numbers. The original cast is obviously too old to play high school kids anymore, so we would have to deal with the fact that there are new


Can You Name The 90s Hip-Hop Song From Just A Single Line?

Those of us lucky enough to grow up in the 90s know that it was truly the golden age of hip-hop. It gave us Tupac, Biggie, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr Dre, Nas, and more, all within a single decade. But how well do you actually remember the songs that dropped? Put your love of hip-hop to the test and see how many of these songs you can name.


You Thought You Knew Their Names But You Really Don't

There are a lot of stars out there who go by one name and it is enough for everyone to know them. There is only one Cher, one Madonna and one Liberace. Obviously they weren't born that way and they do have a full name, but how many of them do you actually know? Some stars choose a whole new nickname, while others just drop the last name and hope their first name is enough to help them stand out. A lot of the time it really does work. Let's see if you know the REAL names of 15 of


Can You Still Name All The Classic Care Bears? It's Harder Than You Think!

The Care Bears are one of the greatest creations to appear in the world and it's awesome that they have stayed around all these years. There are some shows out there that just teach kids such important lessons and Care Bears always did that perfectly. The characters were all so cute, and obviously each kid had their favorite but how well do you remember them now? It's shocking how something that used to be so important to you just vanishes from your mind. I tried it myself and am heartbroken to admit I didn't do as well as I had


Want To Know The Trick To Where's Waldo? It's Easier Than You Thought!

There are very few things that are as frustrating as a Where's Waldo puzzle. Sure, you know it's intended for children. And yes, you know he is in there SOMEWHERE, but finding him is not always the easiest thing. Maybe it's just me, but I still have a bit of trouble finding that stripe-wearing guy sometimes. It's kind of like those I Spy books, where you know you should be able to find the things but you just can't.It doesn't mean I won't try! These are some of the tricky Where's Waldo images you might remember from your childhood,