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Can You Name This Classic Toy From Your Childhood?

The happiest robot around town was the dream toy for a lot of kids back in the day. He was pretty much on all of our Christmas lists. He actually still gets made now which is crazy impressive! Not a lot of toys get to continue on through the generations, but this little buddy absolutely has. Can you name it?

It became popular in the 80s with its interchangeable cards that would let you use the buttons on the side to interact with the questions it would ask you. It helped kids learn math, spelling, matching, and music! Do you remember what it was called yet?

His name was Alphie! He was made by Hasbro, the same people who make a lot of your favorite board games as well as all the Playskool products and Tiger Electronics.

They marketed it as a "kid's first computer", which makes sense because back then it wasn't like we all had smartphones to play with. All you had to do with Alphie was press the right button based on the card that was in place and then he would make a bunch of happy noises, all with a big robotic smile on his face.

Having your own personal robot was the coolest of cool things to say you owned. Alphie was a really awesome toy that kids loved, and as a fancy bonus, their parents appreciated how much their children learned.

While he wasn't really as impressive as say, Number Five from Short Circuit, he was pretty great anyways. He looks a bit different now, and has a lot more that he can do. I still prefer the original, but at least the next generation can have something that is almost as awesome as the toys we had.

Remembering all your favorite toys from your childhood is always a warm and fuzzy feeling. To keep that up, you should see if you recognize everyone's favorite discount "game systems".  

Did you have an Alphie growing up? Share if you remember the coolest robot you could get!

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