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Pick Your Favorite Member Of 'The Baby-Sitter's Club' And We'll Tell You What It Really Says About You

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The Baby-Sitter's Club was one of the most important book series that all of us read when we were young. Not only that, but the movie managed to make us all love it even more. We would all relate to one character more than any of the others, but it's not just because they thought they were cooler.

Every character has their own unique style and attitude, but there is some indescribable thing that makes us care about them more than the rest. The thing is, your favorite member of The Baby-Sitter's Club actually reveals a lot about who you are.

The thing to remember that it isn't who are you most similar to, because obviously that would be a completely different test. Instead this is what your actual favorite reveals about the secret inner workings of your mind. Give it a try and see what you find out!

Mallory Pike

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You always know where the nearest McDonald's is in case anyone gets a craving for some fries. You also are always on the lookout for the greatest things, whether in fashion or technology before anyone else. You want to take a trip around the world, but you'd rather that it be in comfort.

Jessi Ramsey

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You are tougher than anyone gives you credit for but that doesn't mean you always need to start fights. You like knowing that you can be in control but you don't have to take it. You are weirdly good at taking care of other people's fish and have never once forgotten to pay your phone bill.

Claudia Kishi

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Cats love you and will not stop following you around. You always have a coupon for something useful. Also, you know the best recipes for soup. Seriously, it's delicious.

Those aren't the only members of the club, what do the others reveal? Keep reading to find out...

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