Homestar Runner Videos Are The Only High School Reunion We Actually Want

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Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader, So-and-So, What's Her Face, The UGLY ONE!!! If you spent your teenage years behind your computer monitor, you remember these Flash shorts like they were yesterday.

From Strong Bad Emails, to Marzipan's Answering Machine, Homestar Runner had us laughing time and time again.

Let's relive the glory days with some of the best videos from Home Star Runner.

Strong Bad's emails were amazing! Especially when the Cheat was having light switch raves.

"Let's get ready to look SO GOOD!" Teen Girl Squad was a work of genius.

Strong Bad draws a dragon and then we get "Trogdor". I legit can't get enough of this one!

The Cheat continues to make us laugh time and time again!

They seemed to know how to relate to us.

While the Homestar website seems to be abandoned, we can all be thankful for YouTube where the hilarity can continue.

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