20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Our Favorite Teen Movies That You've Definitely Never Seen Before

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We were all there once, coming into our own as we entered our teenage years. Most of us had some help figuring things out by watching the landslide number of teen movies that were hitting theaters and rental shelves at a crazy pace.

1. Lindsay Lohan & Lizzy Caplan


Here they are on the set of Mean Girls as their much younger selves.

2. Julia Stiles and Luke Malby

I am not sure if this is before or after the big reveal, but here are Julia Stiles and Luke Malby working on their chemistry in The Prince and Me.

3. Michelle Trachtenberg


Michelle Trachtenberg trying to figure it out on the set of Ice Princess. She sure has come a long way since Buffy.

4. Amanda Bynes


Long before her publicized loss of personal control, here is Amanda Bynes on the set of What A Girl Wants.

5. Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore did a few teen movies in her hey-day, here she is on the set of the classic Saved!

6. Jon Heder


Napoleon Dynamite launched Jon Heder's career. Here he is (looking much younger) working on his lines in the set kitchen.

7. Corbin Bleu


Corbin Bleu made a huge splash with his performance in High School Musical 2. Here he is rehearsing for the very active role.

8. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen


Mary-Kate and Ashley haven't done much acting recently, and I doubt we shall ever see them grace the screen again. But here they are working on the set of New York Minute.

9. Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway rocked the world with her performance in the Princess Diaries. Here she is on set with director Garry Marshal, and Hollywood icon Julie Andrews.

10. Julia Stiles & Sean Patrick Thomas


What ever happened to Julia Stiles? She was huge back in the early 2000s. Her career took off alongside Sean Patrick Thomas in Save The Last Dance.

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