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15 Pictures That Will Drag You Back Kicking And Screaming To Your Awkward Middle School Days

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Remember the last few years of middle school before you became a teenager and life just got infinitely weirder? Remember trying to be cool based on everyone's super weird perceptions of what "cool" was? Well, after these 15 images are done, you're going to be taken right back to the most awkward years of your life.

Getting your first massive pimple right before the school dance.

Facing Acne

These black and pink monstrosities that everybody seemed to have.

DC Shoes

Determining your entire future with paper, pens, and markers.


Trying to pass your note to your crush, only for the wrong person to read it.


Frosted tips. Frosted tips for days.


Finding the coolest studded belt to keep your baggy-ass JNCO jeans on your body.


Thinking you were some kinda genius for making a duct tape wallet.


It just gets more awkward from here folks...

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