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We Can Thank An Ex-Boyfriend For Aunt Hilda

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Hilda Spellman was obviously the coolest aunt around. She was fun, carefree, and impulsive, which made for some very interesting situations. She was extremely clever and witty, and while she wasn't always Sabrina's first choice for advice, she did her best.


Hilda's story line took a weird journey. In the first season she was dealing with the fact that she had been left at the alter several times by the same man. Their romance spanned centuries, but it finally came to an end.


She then starts dating Sabrina's vice principal who she doesn't really like, but later when Zelda dates him she gets jealous.


She buys a clock shop that has a strange clock that lets people from the past come forward and give her advice, but it doesn't work out and she ends up purchasing the coffee shop Sabrina works at.


She gets to be a part of the final episode and witnessed Sabrina run off with Harvey. She got to say what we had all been thinking "It's about time..."


Hilda Spellman was played by Caroline Rhea, and she recently revealed how she actually got the job, and it was a very Hilda way to get it...

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