Artist Turns Pop Culture Into Apocalyptic Ruins And The Results Are Awesome

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Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas is a 3D artist from Prague who, among other projects, has painted a series of images of some of our favorite pop culture icons; from things like the Game Boy, to a McDonald's Happy Meal box, to animated characters like Bender from Futurama or Hello Kitty.

Filip Hodas

However, his unique twist is that he paints these not as we know them now, but as decrepit sculptures and buildings in a post-apocalyptic future. Basically it looks like what we'd get if something like Fallout or Mad Max happened in 2017, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Like these icons of Super Mario Bros.

Filip Hodas

Or the fictional Sony SpaceStation

Filip Hodas

Maybe you're a bigger fan of Tetris? He's got you covered there too.

Filip Hodas

Click to the next page to see even more of Filip's awesome art, and to find out how you can buy some for yourself!

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