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Arcade Photos That Bring Back So Much Nostalgia You'll Reach For Your Quarters

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Caveman Circus

These days, when pretty much every video game ever created can be bought and downloaded in minutes, it's hard to believe we used to trudge down to the local arcade with rolls of quarters in our pockets.

Whether you lived near a full-blown arcade,

a bowling alley with a handful of games,

or a local pizza joint with one lonely arcade cabinet,

there was something magical about popping a quarter into one of these machines and playing until your luck ran out. It's an experience that most of us haven't had in years, which is a shame because it's very different from playing games at home by yourself.

There were so many rituals involved. Like putting a quarter on the cabinet to show you have "next."

And begging your parents for more quarters when you ran out of change. When a game was seriously challenging, you would save up until you had one of these bad boys to beat it.

You could go head to head with your best friend on a fighting game.

Remember being shocked by the blood in this game? Simpler times.Digital Spy

Or test your skills behind the wheel on one of these awesome rigs.

This model is a little rough, but sometimes they didn't look much better.Vintage Arcade Superstore

If those didn't strike your fancy, there were a lot more games to play...

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