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10 Facts About 'Aladdin' That Will Make You Fall Off Your Magic Carpet

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Nearly a quarter century ago, Disney Pictures graced us with the vivid masterpiece of Aladdin on the silver screens. To this day, generations still come together to watch the touching film, which features the amazing comedic styling of the late Robin Williams as "Genie."

With its critical acclaim, the animated movie is set to turn into a live-action movie in 2019, which is already receiving major media attention. Both the general population and movie critics alike are excited to see how the remake will live up to the beloved original.

In honor of Aladdin's 25th anniversary on Nov. 25, here are 10 facts about the funky Disney movie, you may have known.

1. Robin Williams improvised most of his lines

Since the late actor ad-libbed 16 hours worth of content, the script wasn't eligible for the nomination of Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

2. Aladdin was inspired by Tom Cruise

A shock to many, Tom Cruise was used as the inspiration of Aladdin, as the movie's creators believed he had the perfect combination of confidence and likability.

Bonus fact: The title character was originally going to be based on Michael J. Fox, but the studio thought he was lacking a manly swagger.

Tom Cruise and Aladdin
Time / Inside the Magic

3. Aladdin's hat offered the audience hidden piece of insight

Every time "Prince Ali" lied, the feather on his hat would flop over.

4. Disney and Robin Williams were involved in a feud

Williams and Disney made an agreement where the actor said he would voice the Genie at union scale rate (which is worth $75,000) on the one condition that his voice wouldn't be used for merchandising and his character wouldn't extend to more than 25% of any advertising.

Following the movie's release, the Genie turned out to be the breakout star, and Disney reneged on their deal.

Robin Williams
Yiannis' Blog

5. Robin Williams was then replaced in the direct-to-video sequel

After Disney and William's fallout, the actor decided not to come back to the movie's sequel, Return of Jafar. He was replaced by Dan Castellaneta, who is best known as the voice of Homer Simpson on The Simpsons. The movie did terribly and Rotton Tomatoes gave it a pitiful grade of 27%.

However, once Disney's new studio head Joe Roth apologized to Williams, he returned to finish off the trilogy.

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