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After Almost 30 Years, The 'Coming to America' Sequel Is Finally Starting To Come Together

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Hollywood is at it again! This time it isn't another Disney remake, it's a sequel to a movie that is almost 30 years old. What is it this time? The Eddie Murphy classic, Coming to America.

The movie came out back in 1988. Eddie Murphy played the prince of the fictional 'Zambunda' of Africa. His character, Akeem Joffer, didn't like that his entire life was planned out for him. He was finally frustrated enough when his parents told him he was set to marry a woman that he had never met.

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Akeem and his best friend go to America so that he can find a partner who isn't only with him because of his royal status.

He moves to a small apartment and gets a job at a fast food restaurant where he falls in love with a woman named Lisa.

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She finds out about his position and gets mad at him for lying to her. He tries to convince her that he would give it all up for her but she still refuses to marry him. He eventually returns home and thinks he is going to be married to someone else, but it turns out it was actually Lisa under the veil!

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This movie may have come out nearly 30 years ago, but apparently they are still trying to bring it back...

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