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A Guide To All The TV Reboots That Are Happening Whether You Want Them Or Not

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Nickelodeon / Warner Bros.

It seems like everywhere you look, another one of the iconic things from your childhood manages to come back. Whether it's all these Disney movies trying live-action versions, or our old toys, or even our old drinks, the 80s and 90s are definitely back with a vengence.

It's getting hard to keep track about all of the reboots and reunions that are going on right now, but luckily we've got you covered.

Full House (Now called Fuller House)


What is it? The classic 90s sitcom was revamped for Netflix a few years ago. Now DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy all live in the San Francisco home together.

Where can you watch it? Netflix has the first two seasons now, and the third will premiere on September 22nd.

The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network

What is it? The show brings back the three girls that we all fell in love with, but this season they are adding a new girl! Bliss is being added to the second season of this reboot and she is super cool but can't quite control her powers as well as the other girls.

Where can you watch it? The Cartoon Network hosts the episodes on their own app.  

The Tick


What is it? The blue superhero is coming back to the screen, bringing a little bit more comedy and lighthearted fun to an action-packed franchise.

Where can you watch it? It's a new series that just started at the end of August, and is now on Amazon Prime Video.

Legends of the Hidden Temple (TV Movie)


What is it? Nickelodeon took one of the best game shows and turned it into a TV movie based in the temple.

Where can you watch it? It cam out in November 2016, but is now available to stream on iTunes and Amazon.


Disney XD

What is it? The classic Disney cartoon that we all still know the theme song too will be back with an all new series. The first episode aired in August, but the series will start airing weekly episodes as of September 23rd.

Where can you watch it? You'll be able to keep up with Huey, Dewey and Louie on Disney XD.

The Mickey Mouse Club (Now called Club Mickey Mouse)

Jonathan Snyder/Disney Digital Network

What is it? The former versions of this show have launched the careers of a lot of famous actors and singers, so Disney decided to bring it back.

Where can you watch it? The entire series will actually be exclusively available on their Facebook page.

Many more of your favorite shows are coming back, including The Muppets...

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