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16 Things Everyone Did In The '90s That May As Well Be Illegal Now

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It's hard not to miss the '90s. Not only was it the decade of our youth, but it gave us just so many incredible gifts that keep on giving. But time stops for no one, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore just how much time has passed since we've been able to party like it's 1999.

Ok maybe it only feels like it's been 84 years.Paramount Pictures

While it seems like just about everything from the '90s has been making a comeback recently, there are some things that seemed perfectly reasonable back then that would never fly today.

1. Kids running around unsupervised

Our Only Curfew

Our curfew was pretty simple back then.

Posted by Throwbacks on Saturday, November 11, 2017

So many of us were "latchkey kids," and our parents made it clear that they didn't want us just hanging around the house until dinner time. Now people are calling the authorities over kids playing unsupervised in their own backyards.

Honestly, yes.20th Century Fox

2. Smoking

Everyone in the '90s, basically.New Line Cinema

While people were starting to acknowledge that smoking everywhere, all the time probably wasn't the best idea, society hadn't really started cracking down on it yet.

Pretty much how everyone felt about smoking in the '90s.20th Century Fox

3. Being unreachable

The face we all make after four unanswered texts and three calls that go to voicemail.Know Your Meme

Back when the only real phone option was a landline, if someone didn't answer your calls then you just figured they were out of the house and went on with your life. Now, between cell phones, texting, and messaging apps, if no one can get a hold of you, you're either being super suspicious or probably dead.

This would probably lead to a missing person's report now.NBC

4. Just showing up at someone's house

Oh good, you are home.Warner Bros.

Showing up at someone's house completely unannounced used to seem totally reasonable, it was the most direct way to see if they were home and what they were up to. Not only is it considered super rude now, but if you don't call ahead they probably won't even answer the door.

How I answer the door if you just show up at my house.20th Century Fox

5. Dangerous toys

Getting slapped in the face by one was basically lethal.Galoob

When it came to our toys, safety was just something that would ruin the fun. Today if you gave a kid half the toys we loved you'd probably get arrested for child endangerment.

Encouraging kids to punch the crap out of each other are what toys are supposed to do, right?Big Time Toys

6. Throwing/pushing people into pools

So hilarious...YouTube

Don't get me wrong, it was always kind of a dick move, but now that pretty much everyone has an $800+ computer in their pocket this harmless "prank" just became really expensive.

The aftermath isn't nearly as funnyWe Live Inspired

7. Assuming that plans you made days ago are still happening

Why do I even bother anymore?

Before cellphones let us get in touch with literally anyone in seconds, cancelling last minute was super inconvenient for everyone involved. Now if you plan something more than a day in advance, you'd better send a quick text the day-of to make sure nobody's changed their minds again.

When that one friend cancels on you one time too many.Columbia Pictures

8. Offensive humor and jokes

That moment you realize 90% of 'Friends' is just gay jokes about Chandler.NBC

There are a lot of things we used to say or joke about that now you just....can't.

We still laugh, we just immediately make this face after.Imgur

That's not the only thing we used to do that now has us cringing....

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