10 Shows From The 90s That Deserve A Reboot

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The reboots that have been coming out recently aren't...great. The idea of them is wonderful, but no one needed to see human versions of Reboot, okay? We were fine with our blue animation and didn't need anything other than that. Dynasty was perfect before they did whatever is happening now.

YTV posted this picture of their new Reboot cast. People were less than impressed. Twitter

But there are some shows we wouldn't hate to see come back to our television sets (or Netflix, at least!)

1. Clarissa Explains It All

Los Angeles Times

Before she was casting spells as Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart was showing us the struggles of growing up. When Clarissa sat on her bed to give us life advice, you can bet your bottom dollar we listened. Frankly, I could still use some advice as an adult. Come back, Clarissa!

2. All That

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Aside from the fact that it would be wonderful to have Amanda Bynes back to her comedy roots, All That was our Saturday Night Live! Granted, Keenan Thompson is now on SNL, but I'm sure he'd come back as long as Kel did, too. It goes without saying that this should only be rebooted if the original cast can come back. I don't need some 12-year-old kid in 2017 telling me what to laugh at.

3. Legends Of The Hidden Temple


Idea: bring back all the past winners of the old series and have them compete all over again. Or make their kids do it (if they have kids.) This is the kind of TV game show I would watch. Miss me with that Candy Crush game show.

4. Martin


Martin Lawrence dominated the 90s with his sitcom. It may have only ran 5 seasons, but I think we can all agree we'd take another 5 if it were possible. Plus, we could all use some more Tracy Morgan in our lives.

5. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Honestly, some of these episodes still haunt me. So I guess it would make sense for this show to come back. Although maybe the episodes will have to be adjusted for what we find scary now, like taxes, student debt, and commitment.

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