90's Kids Will Remember These Films That Featured Our Favorite Animals

Some of my favorite childhood movies featured the incredible adventures of dogs, cats and even gorillas!

Family friendly movies in the 90's were full of adorable animal cameos, and many of them featured them in the lead role! If you've got a soft heart for furry friends, it can be difficult to watch those agonizing moments when your favorite animal hero gets hurt, lost or stolen.

Thankfully they always found a way out of those tight situations and back into the arms of the people that love them!

If you were a fan of these four-legged movie stars, scroll through and see how many you remember!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Oh man, this one was INTENSE. I couldn't look away, but my heart totally broke for these three. We hear stories all the time about the incredible journeys lost pets go on just to be reunited with their people. Like these real-life reunions, this movie tugs on all my the heartstrings.

Beethoven (1992)

He is huge! Everyone loved this big dog's antics - in fact, we loved them so much, the movie turned into a 7-film franchise!

Free Willy (1993)

Get ready to cry your eyes out, because nothing will make you more emotional than the moment when Jesse, an orphan, saves his beloved Orca.

Monkey Trouble (1994)

After seeing this movie, I wanted a monkey. Maybe not one that was being chased by a dangerous thief, but definitely one as cute as Dodger!

Dunston Checks In (1996)

Speaking of monkeys, this was a classic! Adorable Dunston gives the concierge of a luxury hotel a run for his money with his mischievous aping around.

101 Dalmations (1996)

This live-action remake of the Disney classic couldn't have been as amazing as it was without the awesome Glenn Close. She is absolutely fiendish as Cruella De Vil.  Before he was Dr. Gregory House, you'll recognize Hugh Laurie as the brains of the dog napping duo - Jasper!

I might have to watch this again!

White Fang (1991)

It's a wild tale of survival where wolf-dog meets gold miner and after watching this movie, everyone wanted a husky - which was as close as we could get to an awesome wolf like White Fang!

Shiloh (1997)

Shiloh is a beautiful hunting dog that escapes her abusive master and runs into a young boy named Marty. The two bond and the rest of the film is a struggle between Marty and the violent hunter to keep Shiloh. It's a film that covers some heavy material, but it does have a happy ending - it is Disney, after all!

Babe (1995)

La, La, LA, LAAA! Babe the singing pig was just too adorable. All he wanted to do was herd sheep like his surrogate mother, Fly the sheepdog. After a few close calls, and some unwilling farm animal assistants, Babe gets his moment to shine. That'll do pig, that'll do.

Mighty Joe Young (1998)

This story of an incredible bond between an orphaned girl and gorilla made us all want to run wild with the animals. But, Joe isn't just any average gorilla, due to a genetic anomaly, he is 15 feet tall! It was a cool what-if movie that gave us all a good feeling in the end.

Fly Away Home (1996)

Shout out to Canada! When Amy looses her mother in a car accident, she has to restart her life in Canada with her estranged, inventor father. This sweet father/daughter film had it all - fuzzy baby animals, a goofy dad with a big heart and of course the kid saves the day!

How many of these did you watch? Can you think of any more?

Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to Like & Share!

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