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9 Facts About 'The Little Rascals' That Will Make You Melt Like A Popsicle On The 4th Of July

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This was one of the best movies to watch growing up in the 90s. A group of mischievous kids, a Soap Box Derby, treachery between friends, and an elusive girl - it's got it all!

We loved the film because it dealt with real childhood issues that many of us could relate to, yet was still able to make us laugh the whole way through!

Here are some really cool facts about the movie that will make you want to go back and watch the classic capers of these hilarious hoodlums!

This Scene Was Totally Improvised

Yes, it's true and it's amazing. The song that was always stuck in our head was actually made upon the spot and the producers decided to keep it in!

The Three Best Friends

Don't worry too much about the fighting on the screen, Spanky, Alfalfa, and Woim were actually all best friends with one another!

We Just Wanna Dance!

They sure looked like they were having fun up on that stage! As it turns out, the two of them wanted to learn the proper dance choreography for this scene but were told to just "goof off" for the scene.

Out Of Order

In order for the cast to become better friends, the movie was directed with the middle part first, then beginning, then end. Smart move!

The Neck Wave Was An Inside Joke

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After watching this movie, my friends and I would totally do this every time we saw each other. This gesture was something the director taught the kids so that they would have fun while filming the movie!

There's more Little Rascals coming your way!

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