9 Facts You Never Knew About The Nature Boy Ric Flair

If you grew up as a wrestling fan in the 80s, the only person you idolized as much as Hulk Hogan was Ric Flair, the Nature Boy.

Over 40 years of wrestling history, Ric has entertained, and continues to thrill, millions of fans around the world. But even the most die-hard fans don't know the whole story of this legendary wrestler's career.

Check out this list of surprising facts about Flair's life, and share it if you don't know at least 5 of them!

1. He's still in incredible shape

Well, Ric Flair isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. Last month he Tweeted the simple message "I. Will. Never. Retire," along with an awesome video of him lifting 400 pounds.

2. Flair pulled in one of the biggest crowds of all time

For a special exhibition match in North Korea against the legendary Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki, Flair drew in 190,000 fans, easily beating Wrestlemania 32's 101,000.

3. For Flair, wrestling is a family business

Flair's daughter Charlotte says she never wanted to become a wrestler, but with her father's encouragement she made it to the big leagues, winning WWE's Women's Champion belt 4 times.

4. He was also a great partier

According to Flair - so believe this or not - he once drank 106 beers in 5 hours with Andre the Giant, although most of those were probably thanks to Andre.

5. He almost gave up on his career

When Flair was starting out in the wrestling business, he almost quit during his harsh training with the famous wrestler Verne Gagne. Gagne literally dragged flair back into his barn, saving his career single-handedly.

6. Flair was a record-setting champion

With a career that's lasted for decades, it's no surprise flair has come out on top a few times. The wrestler held the record for most championships with an amazing 16, but John Cena eventually beat his record.

7. His robes were serious business

One of the things Flair is most famous for are the colorful robes he wore while entering the ring. Each of these was handmade, with the sequins applied individually. They cost $20,000 in today's money and weighed over 40 pounds!

8. He's not the original nature boy

Flair borrowed his nickname, his gimmick, his signature move - the figure 4 leg lock - and everything else about his Nature Boy character from an older wrestler named Buddy Rogers.

9. He's a VERY unlucky man

Flair was hit by lighting not once, but twice, once while boarding a plane and once when the plane he was in was struck. So if you're flying next to him, switch seats!

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