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10 Of The Best 80's Romantic Comedies For Your Next Movie Marathon

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The 80's were a magical time. There were outfits made up entirely of neon clothing, crazy new wave music and hair bigger than you could possibly imagine. You know what else was pretty great in the 80's? Cheesy romantic comedies! Some of the greatest romantic stories came from the eighties. They seemed to find a great balance of a heartwarming story mixed with enough humor to make it interesting. Here are 10 of the best rom-coms from the most colorful decade of them all!

The Princess Bride

A story so good it turned the sad little kid into a romantic! Buttercup and Wesley are just part of the story, the rest of the crazy cast fills out the quotable movie with enormous star power. Billy Crystal, Mandy Patinkin, Andre the Giant and Wallace Shawn all join the cast and lend their unique skills to the film. Can you think of a more wonderful story?


Overboard is one of my very favorite romantic comedies of all time. No one is better than Goldie Hawn right? She can be charming even when she is awful, and her ability to completely embrace physical comedy helps elevate her to the level for which she became known. Kurt Russell also is lovable even though he is technically kidnapping a woman who has no idea of her identity. Ridiculous as the premise may be, it is definitely one you should watch and fall in love with all over again.


Splash introduced the world to Tom Hanks in a way that we should be eternally grateful for. It was actually one of his earliest acting credits and his first starring role. The 1984 classic has a story that sounds ridiculous, but that is part of the charm. This movie was actually Oscar nominated for best writing so it definitely earns your viewing time!

When Harry Met Sally

Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal prove they are a good team once again in When Harry Met Sally. They also worked together in The Princess Bride but now with Crystal as his star, Reiner gets to give an interesting look into the relationships of men and women spanning several years. It also has one of the most iconic scenes of any 80's movies.

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles shows you just how awful it can really be to be turning 16. It goes through the terrible process of being 16, having a crush on a boy who doesn't notice you and having a family that seems to forget about you. Molly Ringwald actually won a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress for this film.

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