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8 Weird Transformers Toys That'll Make You Ask "What Were They Thinking?"

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Transformers was one of the best shows and toy lines of our childhoods. There were so many different characters and everyone had a favorite. But sometimes they came up with ones that were so weird they were nobody's favorite, and these 8 are the absolute weirdest.

1) Chainclaw


Chainclaw was an Autobot shaped like a beast, so he disguised himself... as a bear... that wears a metal helmet and a gun on his back. Great disguise buddy.


2) Kup


Yeah, Kup was a big part of the show and a major member of the Autobots, but seriously, what even was his disguise? It looks like a pickup truck designed by Ikea.

Even his redesigns were weird.Hasbro

3) Cosmos


Remember that whole "Robots In Disguise" part of the show? Apparently Cosmos doesn't, because he disguises himself as a freaking flying saucer! Y'know, those things that I'm sure nobody would blatantly notice?


4) Reflector


Reflector turns into a camera. Like, a massive 80s film camera. That has an attachable flash. Yeah.


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