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8 Toys From The 80s That We Can't Believe We Survived

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Remember when toys didn't come with warning labels, and if you wanted to be safe with them then you just had to use common sense? Here's a few toys from that era.



These things were basically a kids' version of a bola snare, which is a legitimate weapon. The balls were super heavy, and it was pretty much a guarantee that you'd get your fingers caught between them as they clacked. The original ones were even made of acrylic glass, in case they weren't dangerous enough for you already.

Slap Bracelets


Y'know what makes fashion even cooler? Pain! These bracelets would latch onto you after you slapped them onto your arm, which in retrospect seems kind of pointless.

Pogo Ball


It was essentially a dodgeball with a plastic platform built onto it, and your goal was to not just balance on them, but try to get them to launch you as high as possible. Of course, what this actually meant was you'd try to bounce and get thrown right off, only to hit the ground pretty hard. It was like a kids' version of Jackass.

Seriously, how did we survive these next few toys?

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