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8 Reasons 'Event Horizon' Is The Best 90s Horror Movie You Probably Missed

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Event Horizon is one of the most awesome bits of sci-fi horror to hit theaters since the Alien franchise. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson after the massive success of his adaptation of Mortal Kombat, he decided to direct something more mature and grotesque.


The story focuses on the crew of the mining ship Lewis and Clark, who are called away from their leave to investigate the reappearance of the experimental starship Event Horizon, which disappeared without a trace during its maiden voyage.


It soon becomes obvious that something sinister took place on the Event Horizon, and the events that follow, along with the 8 reasons listed below, are why it's one of our favorite horror movies to this day.

1) Sam Neill as Dr. William Weir


After starring in John Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness three years prior, Neill returned to the world of horror to play a man tormented by the memory of his wife, who was aboard the Event Horizon when it disappeared. Starting as a smart but tormented hero, he quickly succumbs to the power of the ship and becomes the main antagonist. His transformation is terrifying.


2) Laurence Fishburne as Captain Miller


Two years before he'd ask us to choose the red pill or the blue pill, Laurence Fishburne delivered one of his signature stone cold, tough as nails performances as Miller, captain of the Lewis and Clark. He was cool as cool as ever, and got even moreso when he became the movie's protagonist.


However, there's even more reasons the movie is awesome than just the cast. Things like...

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