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10 Things From The '70s We All Had That Are Worth A Fortune Today

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We all love a great throwback, but do we own any?

If you possess any of these '70s relics, you probably bought them for a few pennies or dollars back in in the day. Now some of these items are worth hundreds, and some are even thousands of dollars! Talk about a good investment!  

Check out these 10 vintage items that'll get you searching in your attic, garage, or basement.

10. Alpine Man Pez Dispenser

There's two of these. The mustachioed figure in the green Alpine hat can be worth up to $3,000, whereas the clean-shaven man wearing a brown cap is said to be worth much more.

MoMo Pez

9. Vintage Furniture

IKEA seems so basic now. The furniture is pretty decent and affordable, but if you want to purchase something that was only sold in the '70s, it's going to cost you thousands.

This pair of original "clam chairs" has sold for approximately $60,000! Seriously, if you have any vintage IKEA furniture, sell it online!

8. Vintage Kitchen Supplies

Some kitchen supplies are worth a lot of dough, and I'm not talking about the baking kind. Sets of colorful Pyrex dishes with intricate patterns can go for thousands of dollars, and some single bowls will sell for a few hundred of dollars too. For example, one Christmas bowl is going for $370 on eBay.

7. Vinyl Music

It really depends on the artist, but some vinyls are being sold for thousands of dollars! The reason for that is because there's not a lot in circulation.

The Sex Pistols were dropped by their label in the '70s, but before that, 25,000 copies of the band's "God Save the Queen" single was released. Only nine copies have surfaced on the internet, and now everyone wants their hands on this record. In 2003, a copy with a paper sleeve sold for approximately $17,600!

David Bowie's Diamond Dogs LP is worth a little less, but much more than what people first paid for it. In 2003, an original sold on eBay sold for more than $3,000.  

6. The Addams Family Lunchbox

Metal lunchboxes are nowhere as cool as they used to be, but some people would beg to differ. The popular sitcom The Addams Family was a family favorite, and King Seeley's cartoon depiction of the characters can be worth a few hundred of dollars. If you have the matching thermos, even better!

These next ones will have you singing "dolla, dolla, bills ya'll."

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