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23 Vintage Photos That Anyone Growing Up In The 70s Will Relate To

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Growing up in the 70s and 80s was basically like growing up on another planet. Especially if you compare it to kids today. There are so many differences that make looking back only 30-40 years feel like you have gone to a completely different world.

Anytime you look through your parent's photo albums, you see just how much things have changed. Taking pictures wasn't as non-committal of an action as it is now, to get these pictures our parents had to lug around an actual camera and film and could only take 24 pictures at a time.

These pictures give us a real glimpse into what it was really like back in the good ol' days, when everything seemed a lot simpler.

Riding in the back seat had a whole other meaning


Computers were only for the most fancy people

Shorts were very short and socks were very tall


Sunbathing was very important


It looks like she is wearing roller skates while playing pinball, if there was something more 70s than that, I haven't seen it

Nothing was cooler than a motorcycle and a pair of aviators

Your hair had to make a statement

Long hair was also acceptable

That Madonna influence was very present

Rock and roll was the most important thing

Kent Kanouse/Flickr

Well, rock and roll and motorcycles


Bleach was a really necessary part of your beauty routine


Trust me, there are even more insane outfit choices...

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