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7 Times TV Worlds Collided And We All Got Way Too Excited

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There was nothing better than tuning into your favorite show in the 90s. It was a lot different than the way people watch shows now, it was much more of an event. Most of the time you had to actually watch it live or not at all, and that would make for fun conversations the next day.

Everyone would have seen the latest episode of whatever show you watched because there weren't a thousand channels to choose between. So when one of these shows had a special episode where there was a crossover, it was all people would talk about.


Crossover events were the best. They were like a special little treat for people who knew they watched too much TV, but were gifted with this inside knowledge of why that new character showing up was relevant or why the studio audience was shouting so much.

1. Mad About You on Friends


Lisa Kudrow was a frequent guest star on Mad About You as the waitress Ursula. Instead of writing Kudrow out of Mad About You when she booked Friends, they decided to do a few crossover moments. It was revealed Ursula was Pheobe's twin and then the show was free to do what they wanted. Other characters from Mad About You visited the Friends cast including Helen Hunt who played Jamie on the show.

2. Steve Urkel on Full House


There are very few characters in the history of television that are as iconic as Steve Urkel. This awkward and goofy kid managed to make his way out to San Francisco to go hang out with the Tanners, helping Stephanie accept her glasses.

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Boy Meets World


Sabrina the Teenage Witch was the coolest teenagers ever and when she made her way onto a Boy Meets World Halloween episode it was pretty wonderful. Having her hanging out with Eric was pretty adorable and maybe in some alternate universe they would have worked out!

4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Blossom


Hilary Banks, the oldest Banks child managed to get a date with Blossom's brother. But I guess in Blossom the Will Smith who lives with the Banks family isn't THE Will Smith, because Blossom apparently was a huge fan.

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