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7 Things You Didn't Know About Alf That Would Make Our Favorite Alien Say "Haaaa! I Kill Me"

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Most television shows make a fair amount of sense. They seem to have a formulaic style of comedy or drama that is easy to understand. Then there is ALF. How do you even begin to describe ALF?


An Alien Life Form (ALF) crash-lands in suburban California in the home of the the Tanners. The Tanners hide ALF in their house while he is supposed to be repairing his spaceship. ALF reveals that his planet when through a nuclear explosion and wants to warn the president that this might happen to Earth. It does not go super great, but he does end up staying on the planet.


There aren't a lot of shows where the main character is a puppet, but somehow this show managed to make it work for 4 seasons. It was a bizarre thing, but people loved it. There were however, a lot of things that went on behind the scenes that people didn't know.

Two puppets were used for ALF


They had two main puppets to use for ALF. One was used for the close up shots that was operated by Paul Fusco, the voice of ALF. The other was a full size ALF suit that was actually worn by an actor named Mihaly Meszaros.

The stage had to be built four feet above the ground


This was so Fusco could puppet ALF properly. He would used trap doors to get the puppet to where he needed to be, and because he needed room to stand they had to build the stage up high.

There was a third puppet named RALF


He was used in rehearsals so they could make sure to keep the real puppet looking good. RALF stood for Rehearsal Alien Life Form.

ALF was kind of the first of its kind, at least in one really big way...

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