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7 Tech Toys From Old Movies And Shows You Totally Wanted

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Sure, we're living in the age of the smartphone and we have constant access to things like the internet and social media. Still, the movies we grew up with had all sorts of cool ideas for what the future could look like, and these 7 are the ones we still want now!

Back To The Future II - Hoverboards


We've wanted our own hoverboards ever since we watched Marty McFly escape from Griff and his gang of bullies on a bright pink one. Sure, there's a toy CALLED a "hoverboard" now, but that's not the real thing. It's a segway without the handles.

The Jetsons - Flying Cars


Seriously, it's the year 2017 and we still don't have flying cars?! I feel like I was lied to my entire childhood. What's taking them so long?


Voltron - Giant Robots

World Events Productions

Try and find me a young kid who didn't want a giant robot to drive around and fight evil with. We'd even take it instead of the flying car!

World Events Productions

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