7 Shows From The 80s That No One Bothers To Mention Anymore

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There are shows we all remember from our childhood, like Family Ties, M*A*S*H, The Wonder Years, etc. But amidst all those generational favorites, there were other TV shows that didn't get as much attention. Some might even call them forgotten. These shows might not have deserved to be held as high as the rest, but they certainly didn't deserve to be locked in the proverbial basement.

1. My Sister Sam


You probably remember the show Mork & Mindy, but few people remember the short-lived spin-off, My Sister Pam. The show premiered in 1986 to solid ratings, but the next season its time slot was changed, leaving it to compete with The Facts of Life. CBS moved the show again to try and bump the ratings, but it was to no avail. The show was cancelled in 1988.

The biggest thing people remember about the show was the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer. Schaeffer was shot and killed on the front step of her home at just 21 years old, after an obsessed fan stalked her. Her murder prompted laws against stalking, restrictions on public access to address information from driving records in California, and a specialized Los Angeles police unit that works with prosecutors, celebrity attorneys and security details to keep obsessed fans a safe distance away.

2. It's Your Move

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Before he was Michael Bluth, Jason Bateman played 15-year-old scam artist, Matthew Burton. Burton lived with his older sister and widowed mother in Los Angeles where he pimped out his scam skills to high school students, such as term paper sales, exam answer keys, and blackmail.

3. Small Wonder

Small Wonder Reviewed

If you loved this show, you really loved it. But to everyone else, Small Wonder was absurd. The show followed the Lawson family whose daughter, Vicki, was a robot who looked like a human. It ran for four seasons before being cancelled. It's a small wonder this show lasted as long as it did, but we still love it.

4. She's the Sheriff


The concept of this show was the best part, while the execution left a lot to be desired. Suzanna Somers plays Hildy Granger, a widow who takes on her deceased husband's job as sheriff in order to support her two children. TV Guide ranked the show as #44 on the "50 Worst TV Shows Of All Time" list. It lasted two seasons before it was cancelled.

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