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7 Game Shows From The 70s You Totally Forgot Existed

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We all love watching game shows and luckily there have always been so many to choose between. Whether you like a trivia based game, a strategy game or something completely outrageous, there has always been a show for you.

A lot of new games shows get launched every year, so it's easy to forget some of the ones that we grew up with. How many of these do you remember?

Hot Seat


It was a lot like The Newlywed Game except with one added component: A lie detector. Your emotions and nerve responses get tracked while you answer questions about about your partner. The bar above your head will give it away if you are lying... No pressure!

The Wizard of Odds


This show introduced the world to Alex Trebek! It was his first big American game show, and it even had a theme song by Alan Thicke.


You and a celebrity partner were teamed up to solve some synonym puzzles that would eventually lead you to the $20,000 prize. Essentially, it was clues like "Sizzling / Canine" which would mean "hot dog".

There are even more shows that you totally forgot you used to watch...

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