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7 Fundraisers We All Were Forced To Participate In When We Were Kids Whether We Wanted To Or Not

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Girl Scouts of America

Being a kid was pretty awesome about 99% of the time. There was always those few moments where it would be nice to be all grown up, but for the most part being a kid was the best. There was one thing that we had to do as kids that was pretty polarizing: Fundraisers.

Some kids hated them, others loved them. Schools would send us home with some kind of item to sell and we would have to wander around the neighborhood collecting names and pledges to make the field trip happen or get that new play-structure.


There were a bunch of different ways schools and other organizations tried to get us to raise money, how many of these did you participate in?

1. Selling Chocolate Bars

2. Selling Cookies

3. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

They made us do more than collect pennies and sell cookies, click to the next page to see what else they made us do!

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