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7 Cartoons That Were So Good You'll Actually Want Them To Make A Comeback

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We've been seeing all sorts of major comebacks for some of our most beloved TV shows of our childhoods, but what about the ones that haven't come back yet? These are some of the many shows that deserve a second chance!

1) Biker Mice From Mars

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After Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of all time, a legion of imitators came along to try to get in on the action.


One of the absolute best ones was Biker Mice From Mars, the story of three anthropomorphic talking mice who ride motorcycles, eat hot dogs, and are trying to save the world from an evil race of capitalistic fish aliens who want to turn Earth into an industrial nightmare.


The show was great thanks to an absolutely rocking soundtrack (often featuring rock n' roll mainstay Jeff Scott Soto), fantastic action, and a self-aware sense of humor that made it completely endearing.


2) Darkwing Duck


We've already got Ducktales coming back with a new cast, so why not the series' darker cousin?


Darkwing Duck was more or less Disney's equivalent of a superhero show, and it was fantastic. The story focused on Drake Mallard, an egotistical, fame-loving duck who fights crime as his alter-ego, Darkwing Duck, while also looking after his adopted daughter Goslyn with his best friend, Ducktales' Launchpad McQuack.

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The show was equal parts cool and funny. Darkwing had some of the most awesome gadgets and tactics this side of Batman, but his ego often got the better of him and made for some hilarious situations. And of course, who can forget his amazing introductions.

3) Gargoyles

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One of the darkest and most mature cartoons of the 90s, Gargoyles was awesome for all the same reasons that we loved Batman: The Animated Series.


The story of a group of talking, animated gargoyles who are encased in stone for a thousand years by a magic spell, only to reawaken in modern-day Manhattan, might seem strange, but this show took the premise and turned it into something surprisingly intelligent and thoughtful.

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Featuring an amazing cast of voice actors (including much of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation), gorgeous visuals, and a theme song that refuses to get out of your head, we're long overdue for this series to come back.

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