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7 Late Night Cartoons We Want To See Brought Back

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Nothing was better than watching late night cartoons on the weekends when we were growing up. The shows were edgy but down right hilarious. Unfortunately, most of the shows didn't last more than a few seasons, but for the ones that did we are still thankful for all the laughs. Wouldn't it be awesome if they decided to bring back some of these shows so that we could enjoy them again?

Here are 7 late night cartoons that we wish they would bring back.

1. The Oblongs

This show was a little outrageous even considering the time slot. It centered around a family of people who were suffering the effects of hazardous waste that has been dumped into their community from the rich people living in the neighboring community "on the hill." It was actually based off of a picture book called Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales For Troubled Children.


2. Mission Hill

Mission Hill centered around a group of roommates living in a swanky hip neighborhood in the big city. The show was cancelled a couple of times, but it developed a bit of a cult following because reruns of the few episodes that were actually aired continued to play on late night television. The main character, Andy, is an aspiring cartoonist who can't seem to hold onto either a girlfriend or a job. It was actually a pretty funny show.


3. The Ripping Friends

These quasi-superheros were jacked-up beefcakes who were trying to battle the forces of evil. The four brothers (who looked absolutely nothing like brothers) would attempt to use their super powers to help people, but often times they ended up making things worse. If there were ever superheros that used steroids, it was these guys.


4. Undergrads

This show was both hilarious and wildly offensive. It followed the stories of four friends: the frat-boy, the average Joe, the computer geek, and the soft-spoken ladies man. Nitz, Rocko, Cal and Gimpy all brought their own unique personalities to the table, and you couldn't find a more diverse and strange group of friends. This show lived off of cliche and we loved it.

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