7 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Your Favorite 90s Movies

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The 1990s were a memorable decade for movies. With the help of computers and special effects, production studios were able to produce more realistic-looking dinosaurs for Jurassic Park and provide the signature "bullet time" effect that The Matrix became known for. Suddenly there were no boundaries or limits to what directors and producers could do in their movies. Film-makers took full advantage of the technological boom and came up with some of the greatest pictures that we still go back and watch now.

With millions of dollars at stake, these high priced films, didn't come without drama. What would some of the decade's most popular hits be without some sex, drugs, fighting, and rivalries? Check out these behind-the-scenes secrets that will surprise you about your favorite movies.

Hook- Julia Roberts Was Nicknamed "Tinker Hell"

Thanks to the massive success of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts became a household name in the 90s. In Steven Spielberg's Hook, she played the iconic character Tinkerbell, but she apparently caused a lot of stress on set. Whether it was the overnight fame, the scrutiny surrounding her relationship with Kiefer Sutherland or the unconfirmed rumors of drug use, she was so difficult to work with that the crew started to refer to her as "Tinker Hell" behind her back.

In spite of being one of the most popular actresses in America, Spielberg confessed he wouldn't be willing to work with her again after that movie.

Titanic- Someone Spiked The Food With PCP

Plagued with problems, the behind-the-scenes drama with James Cameron's Titantic hasn't been kept secret. With complicated effects, budget overruns and the fact that Kate Winslet was fearful of the director's quick temper, it comes as no surprise that this movie makes the list. The reason though, makes all these previous issues seem trivial.

It's alleged that a disgruntled food service worker spiked the lobster chowder with PCP. As a result, about fifty cast and crew members feel ill and were treated at hospital. Initially people thought it was food poisoning but it was later confirmed that it was actually the drug that caused people to feel sick. Cameron and Bill Paxton were among the names to have reportedly ingesting it.

Twister- Camera Crew Walked Off Set

Twister has to be one of the best natural-disaster movies of the 90s, if not of all time.  While clearly it took a lot of work to stage the amount of destruction required on screen to capture the movie, plenty of devastation occurred off-screen as well. Wind machines were used to blow debris, which caused lead actors Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt to sustain cuts and scratches for real.

Director Jan De Bont had even more issues with getting along with the camera crew, that made the actors look like they had the comfortable part of the job. One unlucky camera assistant found himself getting pushed in the mud by the filmmaker after he got in the way of a complicated shot. Later referring to the crew as "incompetent", cinematographer Don Burgess had enough and he walked off set for good, taking about twenty of his team members with him.

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