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7 Angsty Songs That Apply To You Because No One Understood You In High School

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High school is so hard. You're a bundle of emotions and hormones, school sucks, and above all else, NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU!


Well, except music that is. Music understood us when our parents just didn't, and these songs in particular made the angsty 2000s feel just a little more real.

1) James Blunt - "You're Beautiful"

This high-pitched, weird video'd song became a staple of angst-filled breakups everywhere, and for a year or two it was completely inescapable.

2) Green Day - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

After crashing back onto the scene with "American Idiot" from the dynamite album of the same name, Green Day delivered a followup that, while infectious, quickly got adopted by all the kids who just weren't understood by their parents.

3) The All-American Rejects - "Dirty Little Secret"

Pretty much every All-American Rejects song was tailor-made for the angstiest of teenage life moments, and this was no exception!

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