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6 Toy Machines We Were Completely Obsessed With As Kids

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Creating something with our own two hands always made the best stuff. It didn't matter if it was a treat or a toy, it was also an activity that kept us busy for hours.  

Whether we were making a bunch of shaved ice or melting things into our own toys, we all loved the fact that we were involved in the creative process. There were so many awesome kits to choose between, which one was your favorite?

Creepy Crawlers

For anyone who wanted to make a toy that was just a gross and slimy bug, this was the one for you! I feel like their prime audience was kids who wanted to freak out their siblings, but you know what, they were super popular.

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine

Who doesn't love a snow cone? They are delicious and always remind us of being at a fair. But when we realized that we could just make a snow cone from the comfort of our own home we all went completely crazy. Who knew shaved ice was so much fun?

Precious Metals / Metal Molder

You know what sounds like a good idea for kids to have? A machine that can melt metal! Liquid metal is the perfect toy for a young child! What this machine did was melt these little metal beads so that you could pour it into a mold. You could make jewelry like rings and charms, all custom-made. They made a version that was targeted at girls and another for boys that was called "Metal Molder" that had a different set of molds that would make little figures instead of jewelry.

That wasn't the only weird little melting over that we had when we were kids...

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