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6 Surprising Secrets About 'TaleSpin' That Will Blow Your Mind

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TaleSpin was the beloved TV series that was based on characters from The Jungle Book, but how much do you really know about it? They show was only on for two seasons, but even though it was short-lived, that doesn't mean it wasn't awesome.

The series focused on Baloo from the Jungle Book only now he is a bit different. Baloo was a bush pilot for his company "Baloo's Air Service" but it was purchased by Rebecca and renamed "Higher for Hire". He continues to work the company now accompanied by a young navigator named Kit. The show basically had them dealing with air pirates and other "bad guys" who try to stop them from doing their work.

The show was always fun to watch as a kid and there are a lot of secrets about it you probably didn't realize!

1. The whole show was a rushed project

The creators came up with the idea because they had to fill a spot in the afternoon schedule otherwise there would be lay-offs. They came up with the concept in the summer of 1989 because The Jungle Book had been so successful, and by August the screen play was ready. All the voice acting was done by October and then the first episode aired as a preview in May 1990. That's a really quick turn around!

2. It was supposed to be a spin-off of another Disney classic cartoon

DuckTales was obviously one of the most successful cartoon as the time. It will probably be just as successful when it comes back so it makes sense they were thinking this would be a spin-off.

Launch McQuack was supposed to be the star and pilot of the show but once the Jungle Book proved to be so successful it got switched around, which probably contributed to it being so rushed!

3. One of the characters was inspired by Cheers

The 80s hit show Cheers wasn't just influential to sitcoms, this cartoon based their Rebecca off of the Rebecca on that show.

But that's not the only Cheers connection the show had.

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