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6 Movies From Your Childhood You Didn't Realize Had Tons Of Sequels

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There are a lot of classic movies that came out when we were kids. Sometimes we loved them so much we wished there were more of them. Well, in the case of these next 6 franchises, you probably didn't even realize just how much more they made!

Home Alone - 5 movies


The first two Home Alone movies are Christmas classics that are beloved to this day, but did you know there were not one, not two, but THREE straight to video sequels that came out after? They feature none of the same cast or crew, or any of the quality really.


Police Academy - 7 movies

Warner Bros.

Franchise star Steve Guttenberg left after the third movie, but apparently the movies stayed a big enough box office draw to result in another 4! It even went on to inspire two TV series and a theme park ride.

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Beethoven - 8 movies


That's right, everybody's favorite St. Bernard starred in a whopping eight movies! Amazingly enough, all eight of them starred the exact same dog, rather than replace him.


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