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These 6 Facts About Sesame Street Are Brought To You By The Letters "WTF"

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We all remember watching episodes of this growing up as children, and they taught us many important life lessons from sharing to accepting others for being different.

Since every scene had a story and a moral, you had to pay attention to what was going on. But even if you watched rerun after rerun of their adventures, you probably didn't know these crazy facts about the colorful gang we all grew up with.

Oscar the Grouch used to be orange!

"Most of [my] family was orange. But I had a lovely vacation in Swamp Mushy Muddy resort. It was so dark and dreary I kind of turned green," he said. "It's mostly moss. I like it — it goes with my eyes."

Elmo wasn't an 'actual' character until season 12.

While the furry, red puppet can be seen in the background of several of the earlier seasons, there wasn't much support for the character by the creators.

At first, they gave him a deep, scratchy tone to talk in, but the audience wasn't attracted to the idea. Then they switched it to a "kiddie" voice and everyone loved him!

Oddly enough, the "3-year-old" Elmo was the first and only non-human entity to formally stand before Congress, asking for more music funding across America.

However, Cookie Monster predates the show, and that's not even his real name...

Jim Henson designed a "monster" prototype three years before the show began for a cheese cracker commercial. While the original design was almost exactly the same as later on for the show, you will note the addition of some scary-looking teeth that really added to the *crunch* of the crackers!

Known for his addiction to the eponymous treat, "Cookie Monster" isn't actually his real name. The character revealed that he was called "something else" before he started eating cookies.

"Me wasn’t born with name 'Cookie Monster'. It just nickname dat stuck. Me don’t remember me real name... maybe it was Sidney?"

These next facts range between utterly heartwarming and pretty darn scary. Also, we reveal the "truth" behind the dynamic duo Bert & Ernie...

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