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5 Sneaky Easter Eggs You Missed In 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

If you weren't watching a Disney movie when you were a kid, chances are you were watching something made by Don Bluth. He made some of the most successful movies in the 80s and 90s and each was completely unique and wonderful.

Whether you were watching Littlefoot and his friends find their families in The Land Before Time, or learning the secrets of the Romanov Family in Anastasia, Don Bluth was basically everywhere. All Dogs Go To Heaven is one of the best Don Bluth films ever made. It tells a story that is entertaining and also heartbreaking.

There are a lot of incredibly sneaky moments in this film that you probably missed, no matter how many times you watched it. The movie has hidden Easter eggs throughout, and we are going to let you in on what they are.

1. Did you notice Charlie's parents?

Notice something about those names? Charlie's father is named Burt R. Barkin and his mother is named Loni A. Bowzer. Charlie was voiced by the one and only Burt Reynolds who was with Loni Anderson at the time this movie was made.

2. Does Anne-Marie seem familiar?

All Dogs Go To Heaven was the last movie Judith Barsi (also the voice Ducky) recorded before she was murdered. She played Anne-Marie and Don Bluth was so heartbroken by her death that he based Anne-Marie's look and mannerisms on the young girl.

3. There's a hidden Mickey even though it isn't a Disney movie

Don Bluth used to be an animator at Disney so this subtle little Mickey nod makes perfect sense.

4. The director himself gets a special Easter Egg

The bakery that Charlie and Anne-Marie run by is called Bluth's Bakery.

5. The dog bowl has another Burt Reynolds hint

The dog bowl has the name "Burt" written on it as a very obvious hint to the actor who played him.

Did you notice any of these hidden Easter eggs the last time you watched this movie? If it's been a while you should probably go ahead and watch it again and see if there is anything else!

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