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5 Retro Trends That Are Back And Better Than Ever And Will Make You Proud To Be A '90s Kid

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Guys, it seems like no matter how fast we run, we cannot escape 90s fashion.

Just kidding! Who would want to! The 90s had some of the best looks around, and we should honestly be honored that the young people of today still want to sport our epic styles.

It's well known that fashion is cyclical, and every few years all the things you once said was 'out of fashion' comes back, stronger than ever. Now, all your best 90s outfits are all the rage, and honestly we're a little disappointed that we didn't keep our original "vintage" items. As much as it hurts to call our childhood clothes vintage, you've got to admit, we would have had a jump on every single one of these styles.

Here's what the kids today are wearing that will make you wish you could revisit your 90s closet.

1. Small Pointed Glasses

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While people have been rocking the over-sized sunglasses lately, the style is turning back to a more 90s-look. The popular styles seem to be smaller, sometimes even small ovals, and the colored lenses are even back as well. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when my blue oval sunglasses would be cool again!

2. Scrunchies


Honestly, this is just the best news. When I saw scrunchies were considered socially acceptable again I couldn't wait to bring them back. Granted, I am not about to go out and spend $100 on the fancy versions that are coming out now with their fancy new name of "hair clouds," but I will go to the dollar store and buy five of them for $5!

3. Acid-Wash Denim

Obviously, acid-wash denim was important. Not only did you need an acid-wash jean jacket, but you also needed acid-wash jeans, and let's be honest, you wore them together all the time. Denim was probably the most necessary fabric of the 90s. Chances are Calvin Klein's jean commercials were hypnotizing us and we just didn't realize it.

Brace yourself, because those aren't the only trends that will be back this year...

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