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5 'Friends' Plot Holes That Are So Huge They're Basically Unforgivable

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Watching Friends in the 90s was basically a requirement. We all had to tune in because everyone was going to be talking about what happened the next day at work or school! It was basically the most popular show in the country, so it was either keep up, or get confused. The problem was that sometimes staying caught up led to some confusing realizations.


It's not completely abnormal for there to be continuity errors in shows, but you would think a huge show like Friends would be able to keep them under control. I guess you don't know at the beginning how much people will focus on the details of your show until it's too late. Here are 5 of the most unforgivable mistakes that one of the greatest shows made in its 10 year run.

It has no idea how old the characters are

In the first season, we find out that Joey is the youngest of the group at 25, but then in season seven, Rachel is the last to turn 30. Something doesn't add up there.


Also, Ross is described as being 29 in seasons three, four and five. The group celebrated holidays in each of those seasons, so either Ross is stuck in a weird time portal, or is really afraid to admit he is in his 30s.

They also don't seem to know when their birthdays are


They change birth months of their characters more than once! Rachel tells Gunther that her birthday is May 5th, but then in season seven says she is an Aquarius. If she was, she'd have to be born in January or February. So which is it Rachel?


Also, Ross also tries to tell Gunther his birthday is in December, but we already knew his birthday was October 18th from the time Joey sent him to the hospital.


These aren't the only questions that we have about the show...

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