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5 Cartoons Whose Worlds Are Pretty Terrifying When You Think About It

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Have you ever actually sat down and thought about the shows we loved watching as a kid? Maybe it's just the gift of hindsight talking, but it's pretty hard to do so without going "Man, how did I never notice how weird that was?"

Even if we kinda noticed it, we definitely never thought hard enough about these shows to realize that the worlds they take place in can be pretty messed up. In particular, these 5 are especially weird.

The Flintstones

You're probably confused right now, as The Flintstones have been a kid's TV staple for decades now, always with wholesome fun and telling kids to take their vitamins. What could be dark about this?


Think about this; have you noticed something in common about just about all the appliances and construction vehicles in this world? Yeah, they're alive, and can usually talk. In this Stone Age world, almost all of our manual labor is done by dinosaurs and early mammals.


Not only that, but we see some of them going through some pretty horrendous conditions, usually with a comment of "Enh, it's a living." It's basically animal cruelty that everyone's completely fine with.


Hey Arnold!

Okay real talk for a second here; the world of Hey Arnold! is so freaking haunted it's insane. Almost every week the kids have a new story about some weird urban legend that may or may not be true. Things like The Pigeon Man.


Sure, Pigeon Man just turned out to be a misunderstood guy who looked after his pigeons and lived on a roof, but a bunch of times these episodes end with straight up assurances that the ghosts are in fact VERY real.


Like when Four-Eyed Jack turned out to be a legitimate thing.


Or the ghost train


If you thought those were messed up, wait 'til you see the rest...

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