35 Things That Made Your 90s Childhood Better Than Any Other Generation

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The 90s catch a lot of flack. It was like we got stuck in the 80s for a few extra years before progress actually started being made. As "bad" as they were, there were some high points for all the kids that grew up during the decade (myself included). Here are some of the best memories all 90s kids will remember.

1. Breaking your own personal record on your Skip It.


2. Learning all of life's important lessons from the Berenstein Bears books.

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3. Getting the new Now! CD for your birthday or Christmas.


4. Watching Disney's original movies.


5. The Land Before Time, enough said.

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6. Seeing someone get slimed, it really didn't matter who it was.


7. Tricking out your Razor Scooter with a new set of wheels.

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8. Earning enough tickets at Chuck E Cheese to get the prize you have always wanted.

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9. Having a better Beanie Babies collection than your best friend.


10. Playing Oregon Trail on the computer at school.


11. Giving your future husband or wife a ring pop as an engagement ring.

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12. Spending your weekend playing the newest Sega game.


13. Jumbo freezes on a hot summer day.


14. Feeling like an adult after watching Austin Powers.

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15. When your Blow Pen "art" actually looked like art.

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16. Wishing Uncle Jesse was actually part of your family.


17. Getting something awesome out of your Wonder Ball.


18. Watching the Lion King for the umpteenth time.

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