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21 Snacks We Really Wish Would Come Back, But Probably Won't

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You can still watch TV shows online, find old movies at the DVD store, and take old books out from your local library, but the food we loved in the 90s is lost forever. While some dedicated fans make petitions to see their favorite food back in the grocery store, the odds that most of these treats will ever see the light of day again are pretty slim.

This decade had so many great snacks and weird treats that 90s kids will always argue about which was the best, but we can all agree we miss these awesome products.

Take a look through this list of forgotten foods from the 90s. Some of these probably don't deserve to be brought back, but they're all worth remembering.


1. String Thing

The 90s were the heyday for bendable food that was fun to play with, but none let your imagination run wild as much as String Thing.

2. Dannon Sprinkl'ins

Lunch was never the same after Dannon introduced these treats, because each one had a different pack of sprinkles or color-changing formula.

3. Quaker Dinosaur Eggs

There were so many great, sugary cereals available in the 90s that oatmeal was always kind of a let down, but the fun of chomping on dinosaur eggs made this flavor acceptable.

4. Snackwell's Devil's Food

The label clearly says "fat free," so eating a couple - or twenty - can't be that bad for me, right?

5. Pop Tarts Crunch Cereal

In the 90s, if you didn't like cereal, you had Pop Tarts for breakfast. If you liked Pop Tarts and cereal, you probably miss this delicious treat.

6. Pizzarias Pizza Chips

To this day, people are still asking for these chips to come back, which should tell you how great they were.

7. Oatmeal Swirlers

It was such a simple idea: let kids draw on their oatmeal with special flavor packets. If only they picked something tastier than oatmeal to draw on.

8. Bubble Beeper

If you wanted to feel like a overworked businessman as a child, this candy let you live your dream - but with gum instead of paperwork. How come there's no gummy iPhones nowadays?

9. Dunkaroos

Yes, these are still around, but they'll never taste as good as they did when we found them inside our lunch bags. Use those cookies carefully, you don't want to leave any frosting behind!

10. Surge Cola

Surge was so popular it was actually brought back in 2014, but it's gone again, and nothing can fill the citrus and lime-flavored hole in our lives until it comes back for good.

11. Snapple Elements

These tasty drinks were discontinued too soon. We never even got to taste the other elements, like Snapple Barium!

But these aren't the only snacks we wish would come back.

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